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3 Launch Site. Launch Site is one of the best loot locations to build a base near. With 74 potential crate spawns, gamers will be able to progress quickly near the site.. Force wipe > start beach > farm bow and go deep in map to get scrap (best tunnel for pistol ammo) > buy m92, grenades, blue card get red card > rush oil > set up two by one and abuse advantage. Other option is to farm scrap & rope and make crossbow/nail gun in bandit or outpost. Search: Rust Fertilizer . 0, fertiliser, compost and new admin commands Now I have terrible looking rust stains everywhere Rust Fertilizer Prevent future rust by coating tool heads with mineral oil or used motor oil More fertilizer may be necessary if safflower follows a deep-rooted crop in the rotation Get rid of rust on spigots, tools, screws or bolts by soaking the .... The RUST Farming 2.0 Farm Setups and Meta Guide are brought to you by our content partner, Malonik. In this video guide, Malonik follows up his previous introduction guide to RUST Farming 2.0 system and dives deeper into how to set up a RUST farm to be as efficient as possible. You will also learn how to deal with the current water supply.