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In a programming language, a Regular Expression written as (RE or regex) is a text string that is used to describe a search pattern. It's perfect for extracting data from text files, logs, spreadsheets, and even papers. When utilizing a Python regular expression, remember that everything is fundamentally a character. How to extract Substring using Regex in Python is explained in this article. Python Regex, or “Regular Expression”, is a sequence of special characters that define a search pattern. This search pattern is then used to perform operations on strings, such as “find” or “find and replace”. In short, Regex can be used to check if a string contains a specified string pattern. Start off by installing the Python. For example, checking the validity of a phone number in an application. re module handles this very gracefully as well using the following regular expressions: {x} - Repeat exactly x number of times. {x,} - Repeat at least x times or more. {x, y} - Repeat at least x times but no more than y times. In the code you posted you are running that match once on every line in the text file. (And you are ignoring the success or failure of that match).